Welcome to Moonglade Rabbitry!


  I started Moonglade Rabbitry with a focus on producing a healthy, lean meat. Shortly after, I learned about the world of rabbit showing and I was hooked!  I quickly began researching standards, breeds, and learning everything I could about raising rabbits for meat, fur and for show.  

My goal is to help continue to improve the breeds I have picked, and breed toward the ARBA standard of perfection.

I fell in love with the American Chinchilla rabbit, and that has been my primary focus.  With their lovely fur, gorgeous color, and wonderful commercial bodies, they really are the perfect do-everything rabbit!

  I've been working with Tans as well - a breed that has a quirky, friendly nature, as well as a get-up-and-go personality.  I also have a couple New Zealands and Britannia Petites floating around.

  Right now I am mostly active on Facebook, but feel free to browse the website to see more about us!

- Cassie Arledge

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